iPhone 7 Boot Loop After Attempt to Replace Screen and Update

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12/3/2017 12:19:45 PM
After trying to fix and replace my cousins iPhone 7 broken screen the phone entered a boot loop. It seems that the screen was aftermarket and so I had to remove the proximity sensor, ear-piece, and what not from the original screen the phone had. At first, after the screen replacement was done and everything was back in place, the phone worked with everything tested (speaker, camera, digitizer, etc..). After about 10 minutes the phone started booting itself in a loop. I entered recovery mode but after the update it fails. I tried everything, even different computers and cables, but nothing changed. After talking to Apple, and trying to disable the antivirus that was "in the way" it still didn't work after the restore and update. I woul appreciate it if anyone can help resolve this issue.

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