Apple iPhone 6 Speaker Repair Service

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iPhone Speaker Repair (No sound, Static Speaker Sound, and other Issues)

One of the many good features of the iPhone is the speaker sound system it has. When an iPhone's speaker stops working, so do many other features that make the iPhone a great phone. Music is affected, no phone calls on speaker, no ringtone on incoming calls and other alert type of sounds do not sound. It is easy to damage the iPhone speaker since the spaker is very small generates sound through a very thin peice of metrial. If this material is damaged in any way, and it can be since the speaker is exposed to the outside world, then it will stop worked as expected.

Service Description

We will replace a damaged speaker on your iPhone with a brand new speaker. Your iPhone will have it's original sound back as desired.

Visit Our Repair Store

We have multiple repair shops in Toronto. Find a location near you and come in with or without an appointment to have your Apple iPhone 6 Speaker repaired. Please note that as most repairs are caused by accidental damage, we will inspect your device to confirm the repair price. Please call us for more information.

Service Price and Time

Device ModelPriceRepair Time
iPhone 6 Please call for price 25 min *
* Although no appointment is necessary for any repair of Apple devices in any of our stores, you may want to call us first or book an appointment to gurantee our Apple iPhone 6 Speaker repair time and cost. Find a repair store location near you.
iTech Wireless® provides a Lifetime Warranty for all Apple iPhone 6 Speaker repairs.
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